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Personal Profile

     Self-proclaimed creator of the new style of visual art called PopEx, writer and philosopher Al Taymer was born in 1960 Moscow (Russia).  Prior to his immigration to the USA, Al was a successful designer of women’s clothing, recognized in Russia, Germany and Italy.

     He has called Salt Lake City, UT his home ever since he moved there from Moscow in 1997.  Renowned artist, Alexander is famed as a founder of the Popular Expressionism (PopEx), also known as Popcorn Expressionism.  His work was exhibited and recognized by critics in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Salt Lake City, naming him as one of the "new generation" professional artist.

     PopEx was established to create a non-aggressive way for the artist to freely express himself without heavy reliance on his level of skills.  Dominant use of white color in the piece is the signature of this style and the artist must follow certain criteria: the painting must be completed by palette knife only, no brushes, and the canvas itself must be used as a palette.  PopEx is not directed by artwork, thus making artist an explorer of the acrylic medium by means of color, tone, and shade.

     Books, MYSTERY OF THE KRONA PLANET and BLOOD OF ANGELS written by Alexander Taymer, denote the author as a writer and philosopher.  His work clearly distinguishes strong influence of such philosophical teaching as THEOSOPHY and CHRISTIAN HERMETISM.  Alexander was also an illustrator of both books and THE NY TIMES recognized his work as a writer and an artist

     Alexander Taymer is an active member of the community and continuingly donates his artwork to Children’s MS Society of Utah.  Remembering his roots, he dreams to establish fund for kids back home with early stage diseases, who where abandoned by their parents and now struggle to survive in orphanages.


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